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MI management

Nexentria helps manage medical inquiries effectively, adjusts according to specific needs, and makes reporting Adverse Events and Product Quality Complaints easy.

Content management

A database for storing and reviewing medical information in one place, Content Manager aids teams in creating impactful scientific content, ensuring robust, compliant management.

Dashboards & analytics

Nexentria provides a Medical Information solution with user-friendly dashboards, designed to showcase departmental accomplishments and assist in clear communication with teams.


Nexentria offers API E2B integration options for the Medical Information sector, aiming to improve efficiency, security, and productivity by removing duplicate work and optimizing processes.


Nexentria consolidates various communication modes into a single omnichannel inbox, enhancing the communication experience and augmenting team efficiency in a fast-paced digital environment.

Task manager

The Medical Information Task Manager is a tool for efficient management and oversight of healthcare tasks, powered by omnichannel capabilities and dynamic workflows, simplifying team workloads.

Telephony system

Nexentria provides a Medical Information solution with integrated telephony for full visibility of calls, offering call recording, performance metrics, and AI advancements for heightened service.

Artificial intelligence

Nexentria focuses on developing artificial intelligence tools for the medical information sector, aiming to increase productivity and efficiency, while meeting customers' needs and regulatory compliance.

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