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Nexentria is the most user friendly and efficient unified solution for the omni-channel intake of MIs, AEs and PQCs. The technology allows for end-to-end case management in a consistent and integrated manner.

Olga Asimaki

PHD, CMD, Head of Global Medical Information, Biomapas

We make medical information management easy

Configure Flexibly with One License

Nexentria offers flexible configuration with one license 


Pick from the biggest selection of integrated business tools


Organise information your way with our extensive selection of tools

Automate & Scale

Our AI powered assistants improve efficiency, quality and allows you to scale your business

Experience the benefits we offer


Streamlines licensing costs and offers seamless integration.

Easy to use and learn

Our MI industry expertise enables us to create a seamless user experience for your specialists.


Our onboarding and AI driven features help you scale your business, save time and reduce costs.

Secure & Compliant

We offer top-tier security measures to protect your data, rigorously complying with medical information regulations.

One License to fit all your needs – grow your business with our tailored system configurations

While most medical information management systems require you to buy multiple licenses to cover all your needs - we offer a simple solution with one license.

Simplify your medical information processes by having all your data in one place

Don’t waste time on slow connectors or switching between third party tools. We integrate a wide-range of external tools into one platform to save your time and make your business run smoother.